View from the cemetery

View from the cemetery


Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik


Prague, Czech Republic

Image Purpose:


Story behind the image

This playful housing concept by our friends at Sputnik architects is located closely to the cemetery. Well, that is a nice idea to make a view from there.


As you can see there is no graves in the image. How can we achieve the cemetery mood then? In the middle of autumn there is that special feeling - nostalgia. Puddle on the sidewalk, high grass, fallen leaves everywhere - all these elements give us an idea of a rarely visited place.


Low sunlight helps us to define the foreground and the background. There is a deep shadow in the foreground so it helps to frame the main object. Middle ground is lit by the sun so the grass is full of color. Our main hero stands in the background but the sunlight makes all the volumes very well readable.